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My story: I spent 21 years working in manual accounts payable

I have been an AP clerk, AP supervisor, AP manager and shared services manager over my career in the UK and Australia. 20 of those 21 years were spent working with manual accounts payable processes.

I then did my own automation implementation and saw how easy things could be.

I was then given the opportunity to work as a consultant for the company that I bought my workflow from. With a huge deep breath, I accepted and I have never looked back. I felt I should have done it years ago; however, I am also grateful that those 21 years gave me in-depth knowledge and experience. I am now able to use this experience to help our customers to the best of my ability today.

I’ve been working with workflow solutions for the last 11 years and help people transition from paper to automation every day.

I have worked for single solution vendors and understand the frustration with forcing unsuitable solutions. While AP is the same in principle, every business is different and solutions can’t be one size fits all.

It’s about what your ERP can work with, your existing business processes, and how your invoices arrive and in what format. It’s all about finding pieces of the right technology to help you achieve maximum automation.

This is what makes Stratas different. We will only provide a solution which fits you and your business requirements, instead of forcing a generic solution.

No one should be claiming 100% automation, because we know life isn’t like that. You can’t completely control your suppliers, no matter how much you wish you could.

What we will do is listen to your problems. Ask questions about where you want to be and recommend the steps to get you there. This doesn’t happen overnight (although it actually can for some of our solutions!)

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