What are the benefits of hybrid mail?

What are the benefits of hybrid mail?

What are the benefits of hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail allows you to send important customer correspondence directly from your desktop or laptop. You can preview mail items, add attachments, and submit mail directly or via an approval queue into our secure offsite print and mail facility. 

You can do all this remotely, without the need to physically print or post anything.

Therefore, you can:

  • Stop buying stamps, envelopes, letterheads, paper, printers, etc.
  • Eliminate the cost of printing locally and managing ad-hoc mail.
  • Save time 

The remote mailing operation receives encrypted print-ready jobs. Users simply click “Print” as normal. Using a standard print driver and web portal to submit and view mail jobs, the process remains seamless and familiar. This no-hassle system ensures that users are informed, as complete visibility of the mail process is delivered via a web portal.

By converting to hybrid mail your team can become more productive by ending manual printing, folding, inserting, labelling, and posting of invoices and letters.

Why switch to a hybrid mail solution? 

Reduce postage costs:

  • The Data Forge Hybrid Mail solution can deliver savings of over 30% on postage alone.

Create and send letters from anywhere:

  • As long as you have an internet connection, you can send letters or documents from anywhere.

Reduce environmental impact:

  • The Data Forge distribution centre manages your outbound mail in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner. Additionally, paper is reduced by digitising processes where possible.

Reclaim valuable office space:

  • By outsourcing your mail processing, valuable office space can be put to better use, as there is no longer a requirement for a mailroom.

If you are ready to move to remote mailing, Data Forge Hybrid Mail may be the answer. With the increase in home-based workers, properly managing multiple remote mailing jobs can help your organisation unlock substantial savings.

Check out our savings calculator to see how transforming to hybrid mail can help your business. 

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