What are the key functions of document management?

What are the key functions of document management?

What are the key functions of document management?

What is a document management system?

A document management system (DMS) is a system that holds the creation, storage, management, indexing, protection and retrieval of all of your digital documents. A DMS allows an easy flow of critical information across the business irrespective of location.  

What are the key functions of document management?

– Capture documents:

To capture data that already exists in physical form you can either scan or photograph your document and then upload it into your DMS. M-Files will capture and save your existing files, streamlining your organisation and content-editing processes. 

– Manage and track documents:

One of the main reasons for implementing a DMS is to be able to keep track of and manage your documents. You can check in and check out files, meaning only one person can work on it at any time. This reduces the risk of error. M-Files saves each version of the document so that if anything does go wrong you can revert to an old version and be able to track who made what changes. It also allows you to control who has access to each document so that files are only shared with those who need to see them.

– Storage of documents:

Storage is a crucial part of document management. Before DMS’ were a thing the most common storage option was filing things away in cabinets. This method lacks security, is of risk of fire, and can easily be accessed by the wrong individual. 

A DMS allows for secure storage that is safe from things like fires or water spills. Files can also be accessed by who you set it to increasing security.

Why is a document management system important?

Each day your business is creating and managing large amounts of documents from contracts to proposals and presentations to sales decks. Most organisations use four or more systems to store and manage content. For this reason, employees often find it challenging and time-consuming to find the information they need.

With a document management system, you no longer have to remember where things are saved as everything can be accessed within the platform. This includes content that is stored in third-party systems such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and network folders.

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