What does hybrid delivery mean?

What does hybrid delivery mean?

What does hybrid delivery mean?

By using Hybrid mail, business letters can be sent directly from a user’s computer to a postal address. No personal involvement with printing, envelopes or stamps! Documents are uploaded to an email address which is then sent to a hybrid mail software. From there, said document is printed and posted, helping individuals who do not have the time or capacity to send letters manually.

How does hybrid delivery work?

All the sender needs to do to use hybrid mail is prepare the document they would like to send and convert them into a PDF. Once this is done, the PDF is uploaded to Hybrid Mail, along with the postal service the sender wishes to use and the address. Stratas then prints the documents to be sent on the sender’s behalf. Altogether, the process is simple and easily repeatable, not to mention more cost-effective than traditional mail.

What can hybrid delivery be used for?

Hybrid Mail can be used for a variety of letters, ranging from personal letters to bills and statements. Leaflets, return envelopes and even welcome packs can also be delivered through Hybrid Mail. As long as the document can be converted into a PDF, it can be automatically posted to the required location.

The advantages of implementing hybrid delivery with Stratas

Integrating with Hybrid Mail with Stratas instead of posting mail by hand helps to support company staff who have a busy schedule or struggle with accessibility issues. It also provides a universal system for posting mail that can be used for staff that work from home across the United Kingdom, as well as on the go through the use of a mobile app. Documents are kept on a secure and reliable cloud; ensuring that your data is safe.

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