What is meant by document management?

What is meant by document management?

What is a document management system?

A document management system (DMS) is a system which holds the creation, storage, management, indexing, protection and retrieval of all of your digital documents. A DMS allows an easy flow of critical information across the business. 

Why is a document management system important?

Each day your business is creating and managing large amounts of documents from contracts to proposals and presentations to sales decks. Most organisations use four or more systems to store and manage content. For this reason, employees often find it challenging and time-consuming to find the information they need.

With a document management system, you no longer have to remember where things are saved as everything can be accessed within the platform. This includes content that is stored in third-party systems such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and network folders.

What are the key benefits of a Document Management System?


Content can be created within the DMS or linked to other sources of truth within the business. This way, you will always have instant access to the most current information.


A DMS can manage all the information your business needs to run digitally. Therefore, there is no longer a requirement for paper in key business processes.


Easily edit a project plan in network folders, view agreements in SharePoint, or view all customer-related information in Salesforce.

Why chose Stratas as your Document Management System Provider?

95% – 95% of Gartner peer insights respondents would recommend M-Files

60% – 60% of respondents saw an improvement in categorising and indexing documents

40% Efficiency in searching for documents increased by 40%

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