What is purchase to pay process?

What is purchase to pay process? 

What is purchase to pay process? 

Stratas specialises in automating purchase to pay. But what is the purchase to pay process? 

Purchase to pay (P2P) or procure-to-pay is the full cycle of actions and events that a business engages in when they require goods or services from an outside supplier. Here’s how it works:

Need identified

  • Determine and define the business requirements for goods/products.

Sourcing goods

  • Researching vendors, looking up products.


  • Creation of a formal request is made for the goods or services and approved.

Issuing purchase orders

  • A purchase order (PO) is issued by the buyer.

Goods receipt 

  • Receive goods from the supplier, check them against the purchase order and create a receipt.

Invoice received

  • The supplier will provide an invoice. This will need to be reconciled with purchase orders and entered into the relevant systems.

Accounts payable

  • Approved invoices are passed to accounts payable who make the payment and update the system. As part of this process, the purchasing company will need to check that vendor payment details are up to date, as well as taking steps to avoid the risk of accounts payable fraud.


  • After the supplier has been paid, the company may review the process to identify any opportunities for improvement in the future.

Why automate purchase-to-pay?

Remove the need to invest time and resources into keying in information and matching invoices against purchase orders.

Our systems take best practice compliance to a level far beyond any manual process, with an end-to-end digital audit trail of every step along the way. 

It will save accounts payable resources at a cost that is significantly lower than the cost of any manual or semi-automated process. It also provides management with critical real-time business information to successfully manage their cash and the relationship with key suppliers. All that is required is a simple change of thinking.

Are you ready to discuss the options for automating your Purchase to pay? Book your demo today!

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