AT&T GB Ltd – P2P Automation for Electrical Wholesalers

This interview with the Commercial Director at AT&T GB Ltd highlights the positive impact that our P2P solution has made within accounts payable.

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AT&T GB Ltd is an independently-owned supplier of electrical products and services. The company was founded by electricians who were dissatisfied with the poor customer service from their suppliers. As a result, they set out to build the business around the needs of their customers.

In this interview, we caught up with AT&T GB Ltd, to discuss the positive impact that our P2P solution has made on their accounts payable processes. Then, we asked how this has prepared them for uncertainties such as COVID-19.

Why did AT&T GB Ltd start looking into accounts payable automation?

There are many reasons why a company might start looking into automating key processes such as accounts payable. Firstly, AT&T GB Ltd conducted a review of their accounts payable process.

“We realised that as the business was growing, it was taking longer to process and approve invoices.”

What were the main benefits of the solution?

“With Data Forge P2P in place, our processes are simplified, which has saved us a huge amount of time. In fact, our supplier invoices can now be processed electronically and viewed at any time.”

How has the solution prepared your team for remote working?

“As our invoices can now be processed electronically, there is no paper in the process. Therefore, we no longer manually process invoices or goods received notes. Not to mention, the system has remote access, so we have continued as normal whilst working from home.”

Why did AT&T GB Ltd choose Stratas?

“We choose Stratas as the provider based on the experience gained from the initial demonstration. The demo provided was all about what we needed, rather than what they wanted to offer us. No question is too big or too small. The service provided has been first class for this reason. They always respond with a swift reply, either by phone or email ensuring there is no delay in our working day.”

The Solution: Data Forge P2P

Data Forge solutions represent the most automated approach to simple and efficient Accounts Payable and Purchase to Payment automation.

Stratas are flexible with deployment methods. As such, solutions can be deployed within your own IT infrastructure or in the cloud as a SaaS-based solution.