Case study: Smart Cover Insurance customer journey

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Case study: Smart Cover Insurance customer journey

Stratas have been working with Smart Cover Insurance to integrate a new hybrid mail system that has now been running for over a year. We contacted Regional Manager, Kousha Navaz to get feedback on their experience with Stratas, and the customer journey from integration to handling hybrid mail itself.

Challenges of mail system prior to Stratas hybrid mail

Smart Cover Insurance had previous experience with automated mail, however, they were not satisfied by the quality of their incumbent. Primarily, the main issue faced by Smart Cover was the integration process of their previous hybrid mail provider. The company faced issues with jitteriness, and the program often lagged behind on reporting the status of mail that had been sent. This was detrimental to Smart Cover, as they have lots of letters to produce and distribute regularly on a monthly basis.

Impacts of Stratas solution

The most significant benefit from switching to the Stratas solution was the simplicity of the new system. Stratas delivered a system that was custom-built to the needs of Smart Cover, in comparison with their previous provider, who’s system was not flexible enough to meet the needs of Smart Cover. The solution provided by Stratas is more straightforward and gives Smart Cover more control over the hybrid mail process.

“The experience has been good compared to other provider. Stratas made things much simpler with custom built integrations.” – Kousha Navaz, Regional Manager, Smart Care Insurance.

The customer journey through Stratas

After facing difficulties with their previous mail provider, Smart Cover contacted Stratas for a solution. The management team were shown hybrid mail in discovery and demonstration meetings, which included training sessions that were divided over a period of time to help with the integration of a new system. Stratas hybrid mail was integrated within weeks of finishing discovery talks.

“I feel very confident in approaching the Stratas team. We contacted Ken and James who have always been helpful and informative and readily able to assist.” – Kousha Navaz, Regional Manager, Smart Care Insurance.

Increased time and money savings

Automating hybrid mail delivery with Stratas infinitely helped speed up the delivery of letters. Printing and sending letters from the policy admin department was not possible, as they are based outside the UK. This meant that customer service staff would have to process up to hundreds or thousands of letters in-house, instead of completing the tasks they were contracted to manage. By managing letters through hybrid mail, these customer assistants can now focus on more important tasks, increasing the cost-effectiveness of Smart Care staff.

Overall impressions

“On the record I would highly recommend hybrid mail, especially with Stratas as I have found the service to be very pleasing. The time savings alone means it is something definitely worth having.” – Kousha Navaz, Regional Manager, Smart Care Insurance.

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