Faircloth construction – AP automation solution

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Faircloth construction – AP automation solution.

Stratas implemented an AP automation solution for Faircloth Construction that has transformed the way the business process and approve invoices.

Faircloth Construction works with some of the UK’s largest property development investment companies. As a prime contractor, they specialise in the design and construction of commercial, retail, industrial and leisure projects.

Faircloth has been on an upward trajectory and as a result, has experienced a sharp increase in invoice volume. With a small accounts department, this was becoming unmanageable, as a lot of time was being taken by manually keying of information into their ERP. The business was keen to explore solutions to remove manual processes, reduce mistakes and increase accuracy. The issue they faced was that most solutions don’t integrate with their ERP, Eque 2 Construct for Sage. 

From the broad portfolio of AP Automation solutions within the portfolio, Stratas recommended PaperLess as the ideal solution to integrate seamlessly with Eque 2.

“It was an absolutely seamless implementation,” said Sonia Lopes, Associate Director at Faircloth.

Since implementing PaperLess in December 2022, the team at Faircloth had the following to say:

What is your view on PaperLess so far?

“Game changer, fantastic. We are still getting used to it, but so far it has been a total game-changer for us.”

Have you noticed any immediate improvements?

“Yes, we have had feedback from the business users who commented that PaperLess is a 100% improvement on our invoice approvals. Our old system was very clunky and this is such a step up.”

“The team at Stratas were brilliantly helpful and helped me through the process seamlessly, the trainer from PaperLess was such a friendly guy, and is always available to answer questions.” 

By implementing Accounts Payable with Stratas the team at Faircloth has been able to save time and resources. They have empowered their accounts payable staff to generate strategic value by handling invoices only by exception.

Would you like to find out how automating Accounts Payable can save your business time? We’d love to discuss the Art of the Possible with you.