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How a next-level knowledge work automation platform can transform your Microsoft 365 experience

How a next-level knowledge work automation platform can transform your Microsoft 365 experience

With Word, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, and dozens of other helpful office tools, Microsoft 365 has evolved into the modern must-have productivity suite for the vast majority of organisations worldwide. While Microsoft 365 makes content authoring and collaboration more agile and easier, it’s a collection of independent or loosely connected tools. Users often use Microsoft 365 out of the box, hoping to somehow cobble together a useful information management solution.

A knowledge work automation system can integrate with Microsoft 365 to offer improved support for business processes and information governance.

Connect business data and documents

Despite the familiarity and accessibility of Microsoft 365, applications like SharePoint are not purpose-built for more complex document management processes — often resulting in version confusion, scattered content, and dysfunctional access rights.

M-Files makes Microsoft 365 the single point of access for relevant enterprise data across operative systems and document repositories. You can find, access, and manage all documents and connected data through the Office 365 user interfaces.

Achieve more with M-Files and Microsoft 365 combined

  • Access and edit documents without data migration.
  • Manage files from any connected system in one view for faster access.
  • Edit and manage documents directly in Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Drive digital business enablement with automated processes.
  • Stay compliant by having one single source of truth and an automated audit trail.

The smarter way to work

The M-Files knowledge work automation platform enables knowledge workers to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control.

For Microsoft 365 users, M-Files provides a competitive advantage that drives substantial ROI by helping deliver better customer experiences and higher-quality work with lower risk. Businesses around the world are working smarter with M-Files and Microsoft 365 combined

“Our document management can now be described as an intelligent information service that is available to everyone independently of time or place – even on mobile.”

M-Files customers enjoy up to 294%* return on investment with low cost of initial entry and fast time to value.

Would you like to find out more about how M-Files could be a good fit for your business? Get in touch. 

*Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

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