What does AP automation mean?

What does AP Automation mean?

AP automation, or accounts payable automation, is the process whereby accounts payable processes are handled digitally using technology, rather than manually. This can create faster, leaner, more cost-effective AP workflows.

Our AP automation solutions can intelligently capture and analyse the information that’s on your invoices, speeding up the process and helping reduce errors.

By implementing an AP automation solution, you can:

  • Find invoices easily – Are you spending time searching for lost documents? Gain instant visibility of invoices and become more efficient with your time.
  • Become more secure – Do you want to detect fraud and comply with regulations? Secure your documents in the cloud.
  • Cut cycle times – Can it take weeks to process an invoice in full? Use your invoices to cut cycle times and negotiate discounts from suppliers.
  • Access everything from anywhere – Do you usually need to be in the office to approve invoices? With mobile access, your team can process invoices anywhere, anytime.
  • Boost employee morale – By reducing manually intensive tasks your staff will have more time to spend on other, value-based activities.

Our solutions are intuitive and simple to set up, allowing you to be up and running in no time. Powerful AP automation is easy and accessible to all. We are able to integrate with more than 200 financial packages and ERP systems worldwide including but not limited to: Sage, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Microsoft, XERO, JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP, Loop, PeopleSoft, and Exact.

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