What is an example of a document management system?

What is an example of a document management system?

M-Files Ment is the no-code document automation solution

This next-generation document automation tool helps users seamlessly generate complex, data-driven documents quickly and consistently. M-⁠Files Ment is the first 100% visual, no-code automation interface tool that removes the barriers of complex document automation processes.

With ease of use at its core, M-Files Ment allows you to author nearly all templates in minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks. Quick template creation and easy maintenance allow seamless rollouts, delivering real value and a solid return on investment.

Why choose M-Files Ment for your document management system?

Visual interface, easier template creation

Easily automate documents or suites of documents with M-File Ment’s one-of-a-kind visual automation interface. Hit the ground running in as little as 15 minutes of training and get real value from automation quickly.

Stop re-inventing the wheel

Build your own document clause library and keep all your knowledge at your fingertips using best practices, playbooks, instructions, and more.

Deliver superior digital services

Unlock unique self-service possibilities and share your automated content anywhere. Automate any number of documents and provide your clients or partners with easy access to document templates without involving technical support.

Nimble, no-code scalability

M-Files Ment is easy to scale—we can launch your first document automation templates within four weeks with no coding needed.

Modernize knowledge management

M-⁠Files Ment provides a wide array of tools that help make document automation and knowledge management easy—intuitive clause libraries, 100% visual automation, white-labelling, APIs, and more.

As a next-generation document automation platform, M-Files Ment gives users the ability to streamline their knowledge into templates and harness the power of no-code automation to generate consistent and compliant documents.

Would you like to find out more about how our Gartner-endorsed Document Management system  M-Files Ment could be a good fit for your business? Book a demo.

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