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What is Hybrid Mail and why is it important for organisations who are looking to optimise outbound mail processing?

Most businesses in the UK are on a journey towards digital transformation. However, as of 2021, over 9.5 billion letters are still sent annually in the UK (Statista). In comparison, 306 billion emails were sent in 2020. This could grow to 376 billion by 2025 (Statista).

Your business has important messages to communicate. Physical mail ensures that these messages are not lost among the spam.

What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail is a mailing solution for businesses looking to address inefficient ad-hoc mail challenges. Sectors such as insurance, legal, real estate, and property management can use it to streamline mail processes. But, it can also deliver significant savings to any organisation that sends physical mail and wants to have total visibility of the process.

Organisations that are still sending out mail manually are leaving hundreds of thousands of pounds on the table. However, by switching to hybrid mail, your organisation no longer has to pay for franking machines, paper, envelopes, or stamps.

Yes – your business can still thrive as a digital enterprise whilst sending physical mail.

Physical mail remains to be an important tool for an organisation.

At Stratas, we believe that physical mail is still important within an organisation. Why? Because physical mail drives trust and adds authenticity to communications. In fact, 70% of consumers find that it makes them feel valued, according to Royal Mail Marketreach.

The effectiveness of physical mail had grown at the start of 2021, with the action of going online to find out more information growing by 41%, according to a survey by Jicmail. Additionally, the viewing frequency for business mail is 4.83 times and has a life cycle of 9.4 days. In comparison, people skim past emails, and they often end up in Junk due to more stringent online security.

Mail Challenges

High processing and postage costs

Manual outbound mail processing can be highly expensive for a business. The cost of ad-hoc mailing can add up with no true visibility of the cost to the business.

Manual processes

Printing, going to the printer, filling, going to post office – a manual process which is time-consuming and unfulfilling for staff.

Wasted office space

Storage for printers, franking machines, paper, or even a dedicated mailroom with staff responsible for processing mail. How could this space be put to better use?

Remote workforce

A remote workforce with no access to the company printer, franking machines, and resources such as paper and envelopes adds complication to the process.

A streamlined outbound mail process

Using Data Forge Hybrid Mail, produce your document as normal and select the Data Forge Mail driver when you are ready to print and post.

Simply configure the document as normal and click Print – this will send it to our distribution centre for secure processing. Your mail will then be sent with secure and fast delivery. A streamlined process driven by intelligent workflows and automation.

Hybrid Mail Instant Benefits

  • Reduce the cost of sending letters
  • Improve productivity by removing the burden on staff to create letters
  • Instant savings from the first letter.
  • Secure and fast mail delivery (ISO 27001 certified).

Use Case        

Stratas has been working in partnership with a leading property management organisation for over 6 years on several digital transformation projects for inbound and outbound mail.

The simple hybrid mail solution helped the organisation to achieve 7 figure savings and the partnership has continuously delivered operational benefits year on year.

Data Forge Hybrid Mail is a service for sending physical mail, such as invoices, contracts, and promotional letters, securely from your desktop. In just a few days, your organisation can stop manually sending mail and start benefitting from an automated outbound mail process.

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