What is the use of AP automation?

What is the use of AP automation?

What is the use of AP automation?

AP automation gives you a single solution that manages the entire Accounts Payable process, from purchase order to supplier invoice approval.

1: Automate your purchasing process:

  • Create purchase requests;
  • Automate workflow processes;
  • Generate purchase orders automatically;
  • Manage goods receipting; and
  • Monitor your budget. 

2: Automate your accounts payable process:

  • Omni-channel capture (email, post mail, supplier portal): invoices, credit memos, orders, delivery slips etc.:
  • Smart technologies for recognising and analysing data without any prior configuration. Over 80% of all invoices are automated:
  • Approval workflow management of invoices and payments and issuance of digital vouchers to pay: and
  • Export the data to the accounting software or ERP

3: Electronic Archiving and automatic filing of all documents: 

  • Electronic management of all types of documents: invoices, orders, deliveries, human resources, legal, or technical documents, etc.;
  •  Full-text indexing of all documents: and 
  • Automatic filing within dynamic electronic folders.

So, what does AP automation mean?

By automating AP you could achieve simplicity, speed, and immeasurable savings. Powerful AP automation is now easy and accessible to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our mobile-friendly platform ensures that you can start processing invoices more efficiently, even whilst working away from the office.

Could you reduce your processing time and costs by 80%? Contact us today!

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