Why should I automate accounts payable?

Why should you automate Accounts Payable?

Why should I automate accounts payable?

At Stratas, you will often hear us talking about Accounts Payable automation, which may lead you to wonder “Why should I automate accounts payable?”

By automating AP you will achieve simplicity, speed, and immeasurable savings. Our mobile-friendly platform ensures you can start processing invoices more efficiently, even whilst working away from the office.

Improve accuracy:

 By manually keying in data there is room for human error, accidentally typing in the wrong number, putting something in the wrong place, or deleting something you shouldn’t have. By automating AP, your data will be captured electronically, which not only speeds up the process but also removes the risk of errors that could cost your business money.

Time efficiency:

Invoice cycle time is often a challenge to stay on top of when done manually. To keep the cash flow liquid your business should pay invoices on time. Automating AP speeds up the process from intake to approval, ensuring that everything is paid on time.

Protect yourself from fraud:

In order to protect your business from fraud it is crucial that your team follows the correct approval process and only pays legitimate invoices. Automated systems track every action that takes place on an invoice, from who handled it to what steps have been taken.

Improve vendor relationships:

Once your team is spending less time manually keying in data and matching invoices, you will be more likely to make early payments and receive vendor discounts. Consistently paying invoices early will improve your relationship with vendors which could benefit you and your business in the future.

Grow your business:

Technology is ever-evolving and the way we run our businesses is changing alongside this. Automation allows your business to grow and change with the times. As technology improves so can your automated processes, allowing your business to grow to its full potential.

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