Purchase to Pay

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End-to-End Purchase to Pay Automation For Every Business

It’s time for finance teams to embrace a new way of thinking, with end-to-end purchase to pay automation.

There is no longer a need to invest time and resources on tasks such as keying in information and matching invoices against a purchase order. Because, accounts payable staff can now start concentrating on generating strategic value, instead of operating costs.

Data Forge Purchase to Pay is an end-to-end Purchase to Pay automation solution which enables faster invoice processing. Additionally, with our cascading matching engine, invoices only have to be handled by exception.

Many years of experience and best practice have gone into the development of Data Forge P2P. This has resulted in a modular approach with smart features in a configurable standard product.

So, free your staff involved in the process to undertake more interesting and productive work today.

Read more in our P2P automation brochure.

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