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M-Files for Office 365 and SharePoint

A Microsoft Office 365 subscription gives users access to a range of apps which keep the business running. These include standard apps such as Mail, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. But, it also includes apps such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams which can support the efficient management of company information. M-Files for Office 365 intelligently connects these apps to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Microsoft Office 365 has over 180 million regular users. However, 34% of employees still prefer to use network folders to manage content and information. Additionally, 39% think that they lack the expertise to maximise its usefulness. As such, it is clear that the apps could be used more efficiently. This is even more important with the rise in remote working.

On average, companies store information in 4 disconnected data repositories. However, Office 365 could become a true information hub, as M-Files can now be accessed from the familiar SharePoint interface.

M-Files connects SharePoint with the rest of your business. That means you no longer have to wonder which version of a document is the most current as there is only one version. Furthermore, sensitive information is kept secure and out of the wrong hands.

In this infographic, discover the next evolution in your company’s information ecosystem.

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