Simply put - we’re here to help

Information is the backbone of your business.

Business applications need it as data. People require it in document form.

Therefore, the majority of all business processes involve the conversion of data into documents and documents back into data.

Stratas helps to streamline these manual and often paper-based processes, creating business value and information assets.

Through automation using FlowBotsTM we reduce the reliance upon documents in your business processes.


We can help you lower costs, improve productivity and increase compliance.

Our Data Smiths understand both the systems and pathways which support your key documents and by using our People, Process and Technology platform, Data ForgeTM  we create repeatable, sustainable and efficient business processes.

From Information Governance and unstructured data to Managed Document Services and the business processes in between, we are a Technology Services company which specialises in innovative information solutions.

“Increasing automation is the second most important strategic priority for shared services and GBS leaders.” Deloitte

Our approach