AP automation sage 200

Accounts payable automation for sage 200 users

Accounts payable automation for sage 200 users


Yes! Using our AP automation platform, Stratas can seamlessly connect to over 200 ERP’s – including Sage 200. This means it’s easier than ever to automate Accounts Payable. There is no need to switch platforms or implement new processes. With a simple, intuitive set up process, you will be ready to go in no time. 

Why automate Accounts Payable? 

  • Reduce manual costs: Usually £3 – £13 per doc & £3.16 archiving. 
  • Improve visibility: Most businesses see 3.5% errors in manual payments. 
  • Reduce late payments: Typically, 31% of manual invoices have late payments. 
  • Improve cycle time: The average manual cycle time is 22 to 35 days.  
  • Reduce Fraud: Online payment fraud losses are expected to exceed £290 billion between 2023-2027 and 64% of UK companies say they have experienced fraud or economic crime in the past 2 years. 

The results of AP automation: 

  • Reduction in AP processing costs. 
  • 68% of executives believe that collaboration between people and AI will be key to the future of businesses. 
  • Highly automated companies are 6x more likely to see revenue growth of 15%. 
  • 70% of organisations have a digital transformation strategy or are working on one. 

Why you should choose Stratas:

  • We can help reduce your current costs by up to 80%; 
  • We store fully compliant and fraud-free documents in the cloud; 
  • We automate each step of your P2P process; 
  • You gain instant visibility – Stop losing documents; 
  • Our solutions is quick to set up and easily deployed; and 
  • By cutting your cycle time you can negotiate early payment discounts. 

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