Simplifying Workflows

Simplifying Workflows and Standardising Documentation 

Simplifying Workflows and Standardising Documentation 

From Complexity to Consistency: How BusinessOptix helped a global technology company elevate CX and streamline time to revenue. 

The Customer Challenge 

Before engaging with BusinessOptix, the technology company encountered challenges in process documentation and management within their shared service centres. Their existing approach involved using Visio for process mapping and Microsoft Word for creating associated work instructions. This dual-documentation method led to a lack of standardisation, cumbersome document management, and operational inefficiencies. 

They had a clear set of objectives for a new solution: 

  • Standardise deliverables; 
  • Establish an effective system for process storage; 
  • Scale processes seamlessly across global teams and customer bases; 
  • Create repeatable methodologies; 
  • Embed work instructions within processes; 
  • Generate Service Delivery Guide; and 
  • Ensure a smooth transition by importing existing Visio documents into the new system. 

With these challenges and specific requirements, BusinessOptix emerged as the optimal solution. Unlike other tools in the market, BusinessOptix possessed the unique capability to import existing Visio documents, allowing the company to initiate the transition from its current state. BusinessOptix provided a unified, all-in-one platform to streamline and harmonize their master global processes that they could then uniquely adapt per customer and their associated processes. 

Our Solution 

Working with the TMO team at the company, responsible for managing global service offerings for multiple clients, BusinessOptix delivered a comprehensive solution that enhanced customer experience and accelerated their time to revenue. The solution was tailored to meet their specific requirements, focusing on maintaining service processes across diverse clients and necessary libraries and repositories. 

The bespoke work for them involved the creation of a standardised ‘Service Delivery Guide’ and ‘Work Instruction’ that could be easily deployed and managed for their new clients. This documentation was centralized within BusinessOptix, ensuring consistency and efficiency in managing services across the board. 

Additionally, the company requested that each library and repository be customized with a unique landing page to represent each of their clients, ensuring a personalized and tailored approach to service management. 

The Results 

BusinessOptix has delivered several key benefits to the company, including: 

  • Unifying their global team’s approach to process mapping while preserving individuality. Encouraging consistency by adhering to BPMN 2.0 standards. 
  • Facilitating efficient collaboration through customized and branded outputs. 
  • Achieving process excellence through the utilization of different levels of licenses and workflows.  

These benefits have translated into significant improvements: 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience (CX): their customers now enjoy a consistent and improved experience during process workshops, endorsements, and documentation. 
  • Accelerated Time to Revenue: The repeatability and reusability features of BusinessOptix have streamlined the delivery of process requirements, enabling them to recognise revenue more swiftly. 

These results underscore the positive impact of BusinessOptix on their operations and processes, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency. 

The Future 

The company’s Transition Management Office (TMO) is in a phase of growth, with the goal of creating country-specific process variations. Looking ahead, they aspire to automate and optimize processes as much as possible. The future vision for BusinessOptix is to evolve into an enterprise-wide tool supporting business process optimization companywide. 

Would you like to find out more about how BusinessOptix could be a good fit for your business? Get in touch. 

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