BusinessOptix named core vendor in the Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) market

On January 9, 2023, BusinessOptix, a cloud-based Business Transformation Suite which forms the core of our Data Forge platform, announced that Gartner once again acknowledged them as a core vendor in the Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) market.

In the newly published Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO*, Gartner emphasized BusinessOptix’ strength is in its ability to model an organization from multiple angles e.g., top-down, bottom-up, cross-functional, and/or at detailed levels within a single area.

Peter McInally, CEO at BusinessOptix said, 

“It’s exciting for the entire team to see all our efforts to make us the best transformation platform are being recognised. The capabilities that BusinessOptix provides align perfectly to enable a DTO for many types of companies including consulting, system integrators, and business process outsourcing. In truth, any end-user organization would benefit from the capabilities BusinessOptix provides.” Peter went on to say, “If a company is working to create a CoE (Center of Excellence) or their Intellectual Property at scale – they need to check out BusinessOptix.” 

In this latest market guide, Gartner recognised that BusinessOptix offers enhanced scenario modeling, automation support, process mining, and offline working. As well as customer journey mapping, process as a grid, transformation outputs, and Kanban boards that support the creation of a closed-loop view of a business.

About BusinessOptix

BusinessOptix helps organizations Control Today, Navigate Tomorrow™ to achieve the next level of customer and operational excellence. The cloud-based platform is used by hundreds of global firms. To capture and redefine business operating models, accelerate transformations across the enterprise, improve operational efficiencies and streamline go-to-market processes. Built for business ease of use, the platform enables organisations to define the current state, design the optimal future state and deliver an actionable plan to achieve and maintain transformations. This leads to a more efficient, effective digital future to better serve customers and achieve business results.

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